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Accessories for the Home near Wichita, KS

‘Accessories’ is a broad term that can be used to describe many objects to beautify and add functionality to your home, and luckily, we have quite the variety of home accessories for you to choose from for any room in your home - from your window coverings to the fabrics that cover your dining room chairs. Every item that you purchase for your home adds to your home’s, style, aesthetic, and functionality. Whether you prefer a modern or eclectic style of interior design, accessories for the home are the perfect way to ensure that your home expresses your unique personality.

At Jackie and Bill’s Draperies and Interiors, we carry a wide variety of home accessories such as window treatments, drapery rods, custom-made products, and more. Our team cannot wait to learn more about your interior design goals and help you find the right accessories to bring them to life.

Types of Accessories for the Home

Hunter Douglas Window Coverings

When it comes to your home, one of the best additions to your accessories and your interior design is window coverings. In addition to controlling your privacy level, window coverings from Hunter Douglas are a fully functional and highly customizable way to filter natural light and create an ideal environment in any room in your home. At Jackie & Bill’s Drapery & Interiors, we carry the entire line of Hunter Douglas window treatments including blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery.

In addition to customizing your window coverings’ appearance, you can also customize their function and operating system. With Hunter Douglas’ elite PowerView® Automation operating system, you can ensure your window treatments move where you want, when you want, even if you are not home. Of course, we have a variety of manual operating systems as well including cords, lifts, etc. A member of our team would love to talk to you about your window treatments!

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments, home accessories, décor accents, wall art décor near Wichita, Kansas (KS)
Curtain Rods and finials, home accessories, décor accents, wall art décor near Wichita, Kansas (KS)

Drapery Rods

If you opt for luxurious drapery, either from Hunter Douglas or our custom drapery, your drapery rod is another accessory that can take your style to the next level. Drapery rods are a classic and timeless style of drapery hardware that hangs above your window and allow your drapery to slide along them to open and close. Your drapery rod can be simple and elegant.

Tableaux Decorative Grilles

If you are looking to add an ornate and luxurious element to your windows, then look no further than a decorative grille from Tableaux. Decorative grilles are an open architectural form that consists of patterns created by openings or holes in various metal materials. Every grille is custom-made and totally original and can be made from materials to complement any style of interior design.

Tableaux Decorative Grilles, home accessories, décor accents, wall art décor near Wichita, Kansas (KS)
Custom upholstery and fabric, home accessories, décor accents, wall art décor near Wichita, Kansas (KS)

Custom Fabric Materials

In addition to window coverings, Jackie & Bill’s Drapey & Interiors also offers custom fabric products including draperies, valances, bedspreads, pillows, and upholstery furniture. These products are made in-house by our talented team and will add a beautiful, personal touch to your home. We carry fabrics from a variety of top-tier designers including Fabricut, Kasmir, RM Coco, Kravet, Maxwell, and Seabrook. Whether you want a new fresh bedspread, reupholstered chairs, or custom drapery with a complementary valance, our team can bring your dreams to life.

Tips when Adding Accessories for the Home

As you add accessories to your home, our team has a few tips and tricks to ensure that you create a cohesive and beautiful environment.

  1. There is no need to purchase all your accessories in one trip. Our team is always here to help you find and collect the right pieces for your home. 
  2. Start each project with a clean slate. You can do this by removing all preexisting decor to see the room bare and determine how you want to move forward with styling it.
  3. It is important to take height, balance, and scale into consideration when purchasing and placing pieces. Consistency is key to creating a good balance.
  4. Color is a great accessory in itself! Whether you want to add a pop of color via a throw pillow or have a consistent color theme throughout your entire home, our team can help you use color cohesively and creatively.

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No matter what sort of design aesthetic you want to create in your home, our talented team at Jackie & Bill’s Drapery and Interiors can help you find the perfect accessories to turn your house into a home. In addition to home accessories, we offer customers the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, draperies and curtains, interior design, top treatments, valances, and custom bedding.

Contact us today to talk to a member of our team about your window treatment or home accessory needs. Jackie and Bill’s Drapery and Interiors proudly serves Wichita, Cheney, and Hutchinson, Kansas.