How PowerView® Motorization Can Simplify Homes

How PowerView Motorization Can Simplify Homes in Wichita, Kansas (KS) with Security, Automatic Adjusting, and Convenience

When it comes to operating systems, you have tons of options. One of the best options that we offer, though, is the PowerView® Motorization System. This system gives you total control over your window treatments at just the simple touch of a button. Read on to learn about how PowerView® Motorization can simplify homes in Wichita, Kansas.

Not only will PowerView® make your life much simpler, it will make it much more comfortable.

Picture this: 

You just got home after a long day of work and decide to sit down on the couch to relax and watch some television. After just a short time, you sink into the cushions and are super comfortable. As soon as you are comfortable, though, the sun begins to set, creating a terrible glare on your television, making just about impossible to watch television. The glare blocks most of the screen! Typically, you would have to get up to close your window treatments and then sit back down and take forever to get comfortable again. However, with the PowerView® system, you use your smart phone or tablet to close. You can even use your smart home devices like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant for added convenience.

Automatic Adjusting

With this system, you can even schedule different scenes to go into place at different points during the day. When the sun is in one position, you may want your shades open, but when it moves to another place, you may want them closed or partly closed. This makes your home much more energy-efficient and your window treatments will always be one step ahead of you. With automatic adjusting, you’ll never have to give your window treatments a second thought.


This system also provides your home with more security. Since you are able to program it to move your shades or blinds at different times throughout the day even when you are not home, it makes it seem as though someone is home and is manually opening or closing the blinds. Because it appears that someone is home, most potential burglars will be deterred from attempting to break into your home, keeping your home secure and safe.

Child Safety

Not only does it make your home more secure, because PowerView® makes your window treatments completely cordless, it adds child safety to your home. You will never have to be concerned that your pets or children could get into a bad situation. 

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